Consulting and a custom software platform to ensure your city or project are connected using sustainable principles and return metrics during each key development stage.

Focus Areas

IoTeeDom is a smart city platform ensuring your health, safety, and security. We ensure the well-being of our communities as more sensor technologies are introduced to the markets. IoTeeDom partners with our clients by onboarding their technology stacks to improve life quality within their systems. IoTeeDom works with stakeholders within each organisation to determine benchmarks for improved life quality over time.

IoTeeDom’s AI assigns a score to determine your social impact improvements over time. This provides the ability to measure the collective actions of all sensors to increase overall positive sentiments. We use this data to understand the overall risk context within the set-up of IoT systems. These results can be used by stakeholders to inform risk planning in their technology system(s) to offer better smart home solutions and insurance plans.