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SMART cities start with a smart public infrastructure to deliver clean water, energy, food solutions, mobility, public accountability and social impact. As individuals and organizations are able to meet the needs of their growing populations, key human rights concerns are answered and resources are able to be provided for quality education, increased developments and transport. SMART cities pave way for smart circular economies and the creation of self-sufficient cities giving the power back to the local community and citizens in the region.

Toward The Future

IoTeedom creates circular economies with each project and region deploying the software platform. As more projects are onboarded on the platform, IoTeedom will open the platform to retail investors. The IoTeedom platform will eventually serve as an auction platform for users to invest in future SMART City projects.

IoTeedom (EYE-Oh-Tea-Dum) was conceptualized as the result of a thesis statement from research on agglomeration economies. As populations get more dense in cities creating agglomerations, we must understand how to better organize the city centre, the people and resources. In this understanding, we must also expand developing regions to create a balance between the ratio of agglomerations toward sustainable lifestyles and increased life quality.
IoTeedom is a dedicated team  offering smart services and solutions for IoT, Renewable Energy, Telecom and Fibre Optic networks to consult and provide the platform for initiating smart city projects. We are based in the USA, France and India. We believe these are strong networks to expand the smart city platform into the North American, European, Asian and African markets. If you are interested further in our efforts, being a partner or on the team – please contact us! 

Our Team

Brianna Cook, Founder, USA & Europe
Khizran Khan, Director, India