Case Studies



A client in the financial industry came to IoTeedom for a digital solution to provide better customer support services and connectivity. 


IoTeedom provided the strategy for connecting the business into a network of other providers to offer real-time support to file claims, connect to the police and fire departments and also track fires, leaks and break-ins in real-time without the presence of the business owner. The solution helped to reduce risk and provide businesses with the opportunity to save on their insurance premiums. 


The measurable outputs for this solution helped to build resilience, reduce risk and the saved premium budget was invested back into the smart city solution as a bond to provide future insurance support, city support and citizen engagement. 

International Development & Impact Investing


An international development partner approached IoTeedom to provide a case study and research on an investment strategy to support the Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Investment Metrics. The case study, campaign and digital solution supported the client’s efforts to encourage investment into data collection at the national government level. 

Through a series of field studies, data collection and deployed digital communication tools, IoTeedom was able to create a campaign backed on data to provide use cases for the international development partner to present at the United Nations World Data Forum 2021 to encourage private and public investments. 

IoTeedom’s campaign supported a multi-national initiative and platform to showcase development and impact investments to developing countries in the partner network.