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Create the Ecosystem

With over 20 years of collective experience, IoTeedom develops the people, markets and connected solutions to bridge emerging smart cities all over the world. We align the stakeholders, channels and devices to expand your solution to your cities of choice.

We work with our trusted partners in hardware, software and communications to deploy custom smart city solutions for each of our clients. We work cross sector servicing clients in different industries, the public sectors and in various administrative roles.

Using a circular business model, IoTeedom adapts your solution and strategy with key economic indicators depending on your approach and stage of project. We connect each city and project within our network for greater mobility. Our model provides an open data approach, and in turn, helps to prevent duplicate work in the smart city space and integrates with your existing partners, solutions and team.

Who We are

IoTeedom (EYE-Oh-Tea-Dum) was conceptualized as the result of a thesis statement from research on agglomeration economies. As populations get more dense in cities creating agglomerations, we must understand how to better organize the city centre, the people and resources. In this understanding, we must also expand developing regions to create a balance between the ratio of agglomerations toward sustainable lifestyles and increased life quality.


We are a dedicated team offering services to businesses and public administrators to consult and provide smart city projects. We are based in the USA, France, Africa and India. We believe these are strong networks to expand the smart city platform from North America to the EMEA and Asia.

Our Team

Brianna Cook
Brianna Cook, Founder, USA & Europe
Director Africa
Musah Inuwa, Director, Africa
Khizran Khan, Director, India

Our Partners